The fees for golf training are as follows for indoor golf including simulator and swing analysis

  • 30 minutes = 35,00 €
  • 60 minutes = 65,00 €

This includes:

  • Basic golfing skills such as set-up, alignment, backswing, follow-through, forward swing, finish, shifting weight etc.
  • Putting, set-up, technique, putting training
  • Chipping, pitching, short games, difficult situations (slopes), bunker game
  • Course management, structure of the game (which clubs do I use where?). As golf courses are designed differently, with curves and dog legs as well as obstacles, you should think carefully about which distances and positions you want to play from the tee-off.
  • Use of the course as a training unit, playing on the course, allocation of the course 50,00 €/hour