We work with a wide range of manufacturers that supply our materials and components.

All fittings (except putter fitting) are carried out with a launch monitor.

Each fitting will be charged with 45,00 € per 0,5 hours.

Iron Fitting approx. 1.0–1.5 h

Determination of the following basic parameters by means of static and dynamic fitting:

  • Inspection of your current club set
  • Correct clubhead shape
  • Suitable club length, grip thickness, and grip type
  • Correct shaft flexibility
  • Correct lie and loft angle
  • Analysis of the measurement results with the launch monitor, such as ball launch angle, for example
  • Clubhead speed, spin rate, etc.

Driver Fitting approx. 1.0 h

  • Inspection of your current driver, shaft flex, loft, length, etc.
  • Determination of suitable clubhead speed
  • Recommendation for correct head shape, weight distribution, grip, width, etc.
  • Use of launch monitor

Wedge Fitting approx. 0.5–1.0 h

  • Consultation, inspection of your current wedge (loft, bounce, weight)
  • Determination of length
  • Use of test clubs
  • Based on the data collected, we suggest suitable wedges

Putter Fitting approx. 0.5-0.75 h

  • Use of test putters
  • Determination of the length and weight of your putter, etc.
  • Adjustment to suitable putter length
  • Adjustment of lie angle

Beginner Fitting approx. 1.0 h

Consultation, measurement, suitable clubheads, recommendation of set or custom-build club set.

This fitting is aimed at golf beginners or players who still have a high handicap, and who have questions on the structure of their game and game management.

Fitting for Schoolchildren and Students

Schoolchildren and students receive a 20 % discount on all fitting prices listed here.

Fitting costs are credited when buying a complete set of clubs from an amount of 1,200 €.

Removing grips and attaching new ones, per grip
excl. costs for the grip
e.g., Lamkin Crossline

Measuring and Modifying
Loft per iron
Lie per iron

Shortening the clubs
e.g., iron, driver, etc.
per club

Extending shaft without grip, per shaft

Extending with original grip, per shaft (if possible)

We are also happy to issue gift vouchers.