Golf Simulator / Swing Analysis / Launch Monitor

The GC2 Game Changer shows all of the important data including swing speed, launch angle of the ball, spin development, height of the ball flight, curve of the ball flight, and other parameters that have to be evaluated.

All of these data contribute towards a better understanding of the golfer’s swing, and it is only by visualizing and analyzing these that the swing or moment of impact can be improved.

In the golf training with our golf simulator from Foresight Sports, all strokes are measured realistically, projected onto a screen and visualized. In addition to this, a camera unit follows the path of the club head and registers all of the data and swing characteristics of the strike.

Whether you are pulling or pushing, spooning or hooking the ball, with the GC2 from Foresight Sports we can precisely measure and display what the head of the club is doing at the moment of impact, and whether the swing is coming from the inside or the outside. The latter often causes the dreaded slice.