Club.align Golf was founded in 2010 by Jörg von der Gathen in Saarbrücken as a fitting company with the aim of manufacturing customized golf clubs perfectly adapted to the player, or of modifying existing clubs.

A sight to thrill any golfer: faster, higher, further, score!

It all began with my own passion for golf. Every golfer knows that once you are bitten by the bug, golf takes up an important place in your life. And that’s exactly how it was for me, Jörg von der Gathen, when I started playing golf 15 years ago. The joy of the game, the desire for perfection, and thus of improving my own handicap, would not let me go. As the owner of a business for interior fittings and wooden floors, I know from experience that perfection and the use of the right materials are the key to success. It is thus no surprise that in golf, as well as trying to improve my swing, I was always thinking about the right clubs. Starting with myself, over several years I tested the club sets of reputable manufacturers and immersed myself more and more in the literature about golf technique and club fitting. I began to achieve some success and decided to share my know-how with other passionate golfers. I would like my customers to benefit from my numerous international qualifications as a club fitter and club maker as well as my membership of the club maker associations ICG (International Clubmakers Guild) and GCA (Golf Clubmaker Assocation, Golfsmith) and as Member with the EGTF (European Golf Teachers Federation, UK).

With Club.align Golf I have specialized in making your golfing life a little easier with the aid of »custom fitting« and »custom building« to provide the right club for the respective customer. Every golf player – whether a beginner or an experienced single-handicapper – knows well that the game alone is already demanding enough. It is perfectly therefore, that, as well as the perfect swing technique, good golf depends on clubs that are correctly and individually adapted or fitted to the player. Whether it is the fitting of a new club, meticulous examination, modification or extension of your existing club set, or for necessary repairs and »cosmetic operations«, Club.align Golf is there for you. So that you can concentrate fully on the beauty of the game of golf.

»My wish is that, after the successful fitting of your new (old) clubs, you only have to concentrate on what is actually important – playing golf.«

Jörg von der Gathen
Club.align Golf