At the Club.align Golf Fitting Center you can receive advice and information about golf and about the correct clubs suited to you. You can also have your existing clubs examinedpractice your golfanalyze your swing or take coaching hours and browse the range of golf articles.

Beginners, advanced players, children or teenagers – we all have our own specific physical dimensions, and that means that the right club first has to be found or made for you. Every human body is unique in terms of shape, size and biomechanical characteristics. This is all taken into consideration in our Fitting Center and analyzed accordingly to create the optimum product – your own personal golf club!

The careful and individual club inspection, fitting and making for the golfer are the essential features of our Club.align Golf Fitting Centers. Because the body of any athlete/golfer, whether large or small, is made up of different dimensions and characteristics, for example arm length, leg length, hip height, hand size, overall height and flexibility of the joints and muscles. In order to create the right golf clubs for you, it is important, for example, to establish your personal swing speed and the precision of your impact. After exhaustive consulting and analysis, the perfect club for you is produced using every trick in the book. The Club.align Golf Fitting Center has state-of-the-art measurement and production equipment and know-how that are second to none. We are committed to maximum quality.