The putter is one of the most important clubs in your bag. Between 40 and 45 % of all golf strokes are executed with the putter, and many players lose unnecessary strokes in their short game. If it is a question of handicap improvement and of game consistency with the aim of leaving the course with fewer and more successful putts, then improving your putting is a major step towards achieving this. It is because this club is so important that the putter should always be fitted, i.e. adapted 100 % to a player in terms of design, length, weight and size.

This is why, alongside club fitting, Club.align Golf has specialized in putter fitting under the specific heading of »Putt.align Golf«. We offer you an individual advisory service, know-how and on-site expertise, as well as a wide range of putter models. We can help you to improve your putting with suitable training and fitting units.

Maybe you would just like to test your own putter against other putter models. In an analysis and an especially prepared 3-D graphic in our SAM PuttLab, you can see how you are currently putting or how better putting might feel.

With the SAM PuttLab we can determine which putter suits you best.