Club.align Golf offers a Putt Academy Putt.align Golf.

Bearing in mind that the success of a round of golf depends more than half of putting, it becomes clear how important it is to learn and train a good putting technique and a good putting position.

The Putt.align Golf Academy will help you to putt successfully, by obtimally adapting your putter (putter fitting, putter control) and by improving your putting movement by putt coaching and training.

To analyze your putting stroke we work supportively with the SAM PuttLab representing immediate information about the biomechanical processes during putting and showing errors or changes in the putting stroke. This analysis system that shows in a simple graphical manner, whether angle, speed and putting rhythm are correct, is one of the elements in our Putt.align Golf training system. You may quickly and effectively see, what you need to improve your putting stroke.

The SAM PuttLab is used worldwide for putter fitting and training for professionals and amateurs.

The success of your putting stroke depends on a few factors:

Aiming – putter head line – swing direction and impact – clubface rotation – loft at the ball start – beat rhythm and timing

With these findings, we check your putter (e. g., length, weight, offset, balance and grip strength), modify it if necessary or fabricate a new customized putter according to your data.

We continue to create an appropriate, individually tailored training program.

Try our extensive range of putters.


  • Putterfitting completely with Sam PuttLab analysis
    70,00 €
  • Putt training with Sam PuttLab 0,5 h
    45,00 €
  • Putt training with Sam PuttLab 1 h
    80,00 €
  • Self-training with Sam PuttLab 0,5 h
    20,00 €
  • with subsequent Sam PuttLab analysis 0,5 h
    zusätzlich 35,00 €
  • with subsequent Sam PuttLab analysis 1 h
    zusätzlich 60,00 €