Would you like to learn how to play golf or improve your game? From the golf trial course up to training for handicap improvement – for every level of game the Club.align Golf Academy offers the appropriate golf training. Beginners or experienced handicappers – everyone can profit from this. The course is adapted individually according to age, ability and specific problems. It is carried out in individual training units, in personalized one-on-one training with modern video support, in pairs or in small groups. The Club.align Golf Academy includes the Indoor Golf Academy consisting of Indoor Golf Center with state-of-the-art launch monitor and training golf simulator, the Putting Academy (Putt.align Golf) with an Indoor Putting Center and SAM PuttLab. All areas can be booked anytime for training, individually, in pairs or in small group courses.

The indoor and outdoor training as well as the trial courses are carried out in cooperation with our partner Clive Jenkins and team of the golf academy in St. Wendel.

Under the supervision of a golf trainer bookings can also be made for training certain subareas, from the basic rules to the short game, long game, game from difficult situations, bunker game, putting etc.

The Club.align Golf Academy is open the whole year round, offering training hours indoors. Fitting appointments for drivers and irons are also available.