The term »fitting« refers to the process of adjusting and tailoring a club to suit its user. There are two types: static and dynamic fitting.

SchlägerfittingStatic and dynamic club fitting are prerequisites for bespoke club construction. Static fitting requires barely any effort and is essentially limited to determining the individual club length and grip strength. Dynamic club fitting is significantly more complex and is something of an umbrella term. In this field, we work with the most modern equipment, the GC2 Smart Camera System and Launchmonitor of Foresight Sports. For putter fitting our SAM PuttLab is used. The »ideal« golf club for a golfer is ultimately a product of many different factors.

For driver fitting, special attention must be paid to swing speed, launch angle, and loft, since for many golfers the driver is an important club but one that sometimes leads to despair – as one never knows precisely what to bear in mind at the purchasing stage.