First of all, forget the notion that you will have to become a single handicapper before you can enjoy the benefits of a fitted club. Clubs bought »off the shelf« are, naturally, based on the average golfer. And even though we might initially all play »average« golf, we are all unique when it comes to height, stature, arm length, hand size, and many other factors – and that is only when it comes to golf. When you look at it like this, it is obvious that every golfer can benefit from professional club fitting. Fitting involves more parameters than just the club’s length, lie angle, shaft, or grip. With a set of clubs individually fitted to you, an experienced club fitter knows how to factor in your individualities, such as your swing speed and acceleration, as well as other characteristics and capabilities. An understanding of these factors influences the way your individual set of clubs is manufactured. You will see what we mean when you swing your new clubs for the first time!

VorteileIn the careful fitting process, your requirements are identified in order to determine the best combination of individual components for you from the wide range of possibilities. In essence, this process involves the following steps:

  1. Golfer profile interview / Recording general information to allow assessment of the golfing personality or golfer type
  2. Inspection of current equipment / Cataloging and measuring the existing clubs
  3. Questions on the golfer’s game with the existing clubs, analysis of any problems, etc.
  4. Determining body mass and moment of inertia, as well as any wishes and preferences (swing analysis and fitting (static and dynamic measurements))
  5. Recommendations
  6. Production or fitting of the equipment

It is our wish that, after successful fitting of your new (old) material, you only have one thing left to deal with… your game of golf.