For over 100 years, with the arrival of handmade golf clubs, manufacturers have been thinking about the right size and weight distribution of clubheads and shafts. So-called »custom fitting« is no new idea … but it is an extremely useful and beneficial one.

Every golfer – whether a beginner or an experienced single handicapper – can tell you that the game alone is already demanding enough. So it is not surprising that, as well as the perfect swing technique, the game of golf particularly relies on the right club material, individually fitted to the golfer.

Club.align Golf has specialized in making your golfing life that little bit easier with golf clubs that are personally and conscientiously tailored to you.

Contact us now! Whether for adapting a new set of clubs, inspecting, modifying, or extending your existing set, or carrying out necessary repairs and beauty treatments – we are here to help. This leaves you free to concentrate on the beauty of the game.

You can find more information on club fitting on the various pages of this website. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or to arrange to meet in person – or write us an email:

The Club.align Team
Jörg von der Gathen

We are members of the International Professional Association of Clubfitters and the Golf Clubmakers Association Europe.